Solutions for multitasking

There are types of tasks that are conducted sequentially at a specific time and require simultaneous management, like treatment facilities, therapy rooms, institutes, gym, fitness, and counseling center. Seetheworks pursues multitasking solution for real-time management with following characteristics.

  • Mulitple Timers – We support timer-based sequential and simultaneous work environment

  • Touch Screen UI – Optimized for busy field works

  • Customizable System– Set control layout, button, font, color and various settings yourself

Our approach


You can arrange your tasks and manage them by simply touching. Our system will sort the tasks show you in chronological order.


Our system visualizes all the tasks you arrange. There are several view modes and automatic show mode. You can customize it yourself.


You can design your task icon buttons, memo buttons, and screen switching layout, and set up sound effects.


The system can be wirelessly connected to up to 100 devices via an ethernet router. They are synchronized and operated as a single system and each device can call each other.

Program Manuals

We provide you with program instructions using documents, video materials, and webpages.
Also, the software itself informs you how to use the current screen through the Guide mode.

Task control 102

Add task (by drag and drop), Move a task (by drag and drop), Move task (by selecting the task), Exchange tasks each other, Delete a task, Delete all tasks

Task control 108

Add tracking tags on task buttons, Track tasks according to the tags, Time control of the tracking task, Order control of the tracking task, Timer start in “task manager” mode, Go to “Process control” mode, Change tags in “process control” mode Super Tag

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Our Customers

Customers in a wide range of business areas are using seetheworks solutions. In particular, they are highly available in environments that require real-time business management, such as: treatment facilities, therapy rooms, institutes, gym, fitness, and counseling center

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