Seetheworks System Structure

The system can consist of a main system (Seetheworks CORE) and remote systems (Seetheworks REMOTE). They are wirelessly connected synchronized and operated as a single system.

  • Connectivity – up to 100 devices

  • Real Time – synchronized via ethernet router and Internet

  • Requirements – PC, Windows OS,  touch screen monitor

The softwares of  the main system and remote system operate on a Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7, Windows 10). An Internet-connected router is required for wireless connection between the main system and the remote system.


Seetheworks CORE

Seetheworks CORE is the core software of the system. The system needs an Internet connection for the operation. You can create an account in the software and log in to use it normally.

  • Manage – You can arrange your tasks and manage them by simply touching the screen.

  • Customize – You can design your task icon buttons, memo buttons, and screen switching layout, and set up sound effects.

  • Visualize – Our system visualizes all the tasks you arrange. There are several view modes and automatic show mode.

Seetheworks CORE can operate as a single system without remote systems (Seetheworks REMOTE). When you want to use it in a large scale workspace, you can connect Seethework REMOTE with it to increase accessibility.


Seetheworks REMOTE

Seetheworks REMOTE is the additional software to operate the main system (Seetheworks CORE) more easily.

  • Real Time – Remote devices are synchronized with a main system (seetheworks CORE) and operated as a single system.

  • User Interfaces – You can use the same UI as the main system or the simplified UI that supports small devices such as tablets.

  • Easy Connect – Remote devices (seetheworks REMOTE) automatically connect to the main device (seetheworks CORE) when wifi connections are made to the router to which the main device is connected.

We provide 30 days of the fully functioned version. You can test the connection.


Software License

Only main system (seetheworks CORE) needs license authentication since it controls the overall system.

  • Web Authentication – seetheworks works normally with Internet connection.

  • License Types – The licenses will be provided according to the number of tasks to manage and the number of remote connection.

  • Prices – The price will be around $10~20 per month ($100~200 per year) depending on the type of license.

User account information and the licenses are authenticated through the Web. Now it is test trial period and we offers the fully functioned version until 2020.06.30


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